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                                   President’s Message                         



Welcome Springtime and welcome to our SouthernStar Newsletter! 

We want you to be a part or our SouthernStar Chapter, whether you are joining for the first time,  or renewing your
membership. Be sure to see
Peg Johnston, our Membership Coordinator, for all the details. 

Our chapter wants to thank you for attending both our March and April USA Dances, always held on the second
Wednesday of the month at Rhapsody Ballroom. Next time bring a friend or two with you! 

In March, we welcomed and enjoyed the talents of Michael Luciano and two of his students. A MAJOR Thank you
to Michael for agreeing to perform at our dance at the last minute due to the fact that our original March entertainers
had several students under the weather. We're glad they made the long drive over here to Rhapsody. Come back
anytime guys!!!!!!

In April, we had the pleasure of the owners of Rhapsody Ballroom to dance for us - Richard and Laurie Collette. What
a treat for us since they usually only perform in the December Christmas Show. Many of the dancers here this month
got to see them perform for the first time, and they were not disappointed! Thank you for stepping in at the last
minute to be our featured monthly entertainers, Richard and Laurie! 

A special Thank You to Lelia Blevins for scheduling and sometimes having to re-schedule our monthly entertainment. 
She not only secures the entertainment each month way ahead of time, but these last two months, she's had to find last
minute replacements! Kudos to you Lelia! 

Have you donated to our newest Service Project, The Belle of the Ball,  headed up by our own VP, Jackie Blount? If not,
what are you waiting for?!?! This is a non-profit organization which provides Homecoming and Prom Dresses to those
High School students in need with low incomes, in Pinellas, Hillsborough and surrounding counties. They distribute
dresses twice yearly in the Fall for Homecoming and in the Spring for Proms. With the Prom season upon us,
many girls can use your help. Please donate and bring to Rhapsody Ballroom any gently used Prom-like dresses/gowns,
jewelry, shoes and/or evening bags. Start cleaning our your closets this summer for the Fall Homecoming Season
too! See Jackie Blount for any additional questions. We thank you in advance!

We decided as a Board at our last meeting that the SouthernStar Chapter sponsored Mid-Summer Classic All-Amateur
  (usually held on the last Saturday of July) would be cancelled for this 2016 year. We voted on holding
the competition every other year in hopes of gaining more interest and entries by going this route, as some other
chapters across the country have already done.  So, get ready for this always exciting competition in 2017!  In fact,
start practicing now!!!!!!!  :)

And finally, let me leave you as always with this quote:  "To be able to dance is both a joy and a privilege.  But
to be able to dance among friends is truly a blessing!"