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                                   President’s Message                           

'Tis the season to be.................................DANCING! 
We had two stupendous USA Dances in both September and in October! Both were fun-filled and well attended. 
In September we enjoyed the Top-Notch dancing by
Hector Quiles and some of his students. We also celebrated National
Ballroom Week by wearing Black and White and having a covered dish affair. What a cornucopia of goodies there were to
choose from that evening!   

In October we enjoyed the First-Rate dancing by
Jason Bundy and some of his students. It is always an honor to watch both
of these talented instructors and their students perform! 

A swell time is had by all during our monthly USA Dances from the welcoming smiles at the door, the friendly people, the wonderful
door/raffle prizes, the delicious food, the fabulous music, and of course....THE DANCING!  Have you tried dancing in our new
Merengue mixer yet????  Join in next time - you'll have a blast! 

If anyone would like to help organize and be a part of our Outreach events, please let someone on our board know.  Being part of
the Outreach Program
  is fun and absolutely a rewarding experience. Good for your heart and soul! 
I want to wish each and everyone of you a very safe and Happy Holiday season! All the best to you and your families in the
upcoming New Year! 

Always keep this in mind: "To be able to dance is both a joy and a privilege. But, to be able to dance among friends is truly a blessing!"