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                                   President’s Message                           

With Autumn on the way, let's "Fall into Dancing!" Especially with September 19-28 being National Ballroom Week.
Wow! What fantastic USA Dances we've had in both July and August. In July, we had several amateur
couples strutting their stuff getting ready for our Mid Summer Classic Competition at the end of the month. 
They gave us quite a preview of the competitive dancing to come on July 26th.

Speaking of the competition held here at Rhapsody Ballroom, it was a great day of incredible dancing and
friendship. It took a lot of teamwork and effort to get this competition going this year, but it was well worth
every moment. Thank you to our judges and to
Richard Collett for being the MC and  for the use of the beautiful
Rhapsody Ballroom. Thank you to all the competitors for their talent and time; so much fun it was to watch
everyone! Thank you also to everyone who came and cheered us on. We love your support! Kudos to the
incredible volunteers and of course to Mike and Peg for the wonderful music. But, we really could never
have pulled off such an organized comp without the leadership of
Michael and Beth Nolan. Many, many
thanks to you both! This 20th MidSummer Classic Competition
   was a success, and we all look forward                               to the 21st next year!
In August, we thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment of Rhapsody's own
Frank Sliwa and his students. What
an amazing variety of dances!  I just wonder if we'll ever see that "Nerd" again who did the Swing Dance with

Margaret never know!
Remember to always be sure and introduce yourself to any new dancers you see here at our monthly USA
Dances. Let's show them just how welcoming and friendly our SouthernStar Chapter can be. Remember, a
smile goes a long way!

And as always keep this in mind: "To be able to dance is both a joy and a privilege. But, to be
able to dance among friends is truly a blessing