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                                   President’s Message                           

Happy New Year Dancers! 
Let's all make some dance New Years Resolutions:

     -Increase our SouthernStar USA Dance Memberships. Let others know what a great chapter we are, and why they should join. In fact,
have you renewed your own membership yet?

     -Visit other local USA Dances. If we go to the theirs, they are more likely to come to ours. Why not carpool and go as SouthernStar
Representatives?! If you happen to be traveling, remember to look up the local USA Dance chapter in the place you are visiting. I was in
Phoenix, AZ over the holiday's and went to several USA Dance events and got a chance to meet several Phoenix Board Members - what
great contacts to have! 

     -Continue to challenge yourself with your own dancing. Group lessons and/or private lessons are a great way to improve, and there is a
plethora of talented Instructors out there! All lessons are well-worth the price - try it out! Going to many local social dances is also a great way
to practice what you've learned and meet the nicest dancers.

     -But most of all, have fun with your dancing - after all, that's what it's all about, right?!
In November, we enjoyed the superb dancing by
Yulia and Sergey Kopylov and some of their students. What a variety of dances we saw; 
Quick Step, Tango, Cha-Cha, Samba, & Jive. They always make it look so easy, and we all know it's not! I heard that Sergey even got arrested
at the end of his routine - it must have been quite a dance! 

In December, (as is our tradition), we thoroughly enjoyed the creative talents of Richard & Laurie Collette and their two routines. They always
give such moving performances, but the Nutcracker themed one is one of my favorites! 
Nikki and Jerry Dvorak unveiled a new routine, and all
I can say is it was truly "poetry" on the dance floor!  Jerry sure can "ROCK" a skirt! 

It's not too early to start thinking about our Mid-Summer Classic All Amateur Competition on July 25th. So, find yourself an amateur partner, start
practicing and get ready to have some fun and see some great dancing! When you are out and about at other dance events, please be sure to let
others know about our competition - let's keep it going! If you need more information , check out the details
on our web-site or contact the
competition coordinators,
Michael and Beth Nolan
Let's all look forward to a happy and healthy 2015 with lots of dance experiences!
Always keep this in mind:  "To be able to dance is both a joy and a privilege.  But, to be able to dance among friends is truly a blessing!"