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                                   President’s Message                           

Our monthly dances for January and February got off to a successful start of the new year.
Both dances were hampered somewhat by the rain, but the attendance was still good. Month
after month the dance entertainment we have at the Rhapsody Ballroom continues to be superb.
In January we had the
Chris-Kat Performance Team which involved eight couples who performed
the Tango, Swing, Cha Cha, Waltz and Foxtrot. In February we had
Elissa Silvers, an owner/instructor
from the
Suncoast Ballroom, who performed along with some of her students. Also at the February
dance students from the
Strawberry Crest High School entertained the crowd with some delightful
dance numbers as a performance team.

The SouthernStar Chapter is currently providing funding for an instructor to these Strawberry
Crest High School students to promote ballroom dancing for young people.

After discussing a change with some fellow board members, it was decided that our future
monthly dances would begin at 7:45 PM and end at 10:15 PM It was felt that the 7:45 PM
time frame will better facilitate the end of the group class at 7:30, eliminate some of the confusion,
and possibly free-up some parking spaces. Also it was agreed that it would be helpful to end the
dance at 10:15 instead of 10:30, which will allow our food committee more time for clean-up, etc.

On a sad note, Ms. Lorraine Collett (Richard Collett’s mother) passed away on February 14th.
Ms. Collett was a resident at the Palm Terrace Assisted Living Facility, where members of our
Southern Star outreach group had performed on many occasions at her request. Ms. Collett was
a delightful person, and our outreach group’s biggest cheerleader. She will be missed.

Many thanks to those faithful members who contribute their time and talent every month to make
the dances a success.  Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions on how to
make our chapter even better than it already is.