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                                   President’s Message                           

Happy Dancing this Spring! Dance with many and dance often!!!
Have you renewed your USA Dance Southern Star Membership yet, or do you want to become a new member of our chapter? Do so, and
you will receive a Gold Star Pin to proudly wear to our USA Dances. Let's show some Southern Star Team Spirit and all be 
Cheerleaders for our 
fabulous chapter (Pom Pons not required)! If you have any questions about membership, please see Peg Johnston, our Membership Chairperson.

Put this date on your calendar for sure: 
July 25, 2015. It's the Mid Summer Classic Competition held at Rhapsody Ballroom and hosted by our
chapter. Details and applications are on our website ( When you are out and about at other dance events, please be
sure to let others know about this Competition. Let's keep it going! Take along some flyers to pass out too. Just let me know. I always have extras on hand. 

We should try and visit other Chapter's monthly USA Dances whenever possible. Carpooling would make it so much more fun. So let others know
if you want to take a "field trip" to another local chapter's dance. Don't forget to wear your Gold Star Pin. 

In January, we thoroughly enjoyed the talent of
Bogdan Wienc, from Magic Dance Ballroom in Pinellas Park, along with his fellow Instructor Nerijus
and their students. They are always welcome here at our dances. 
Anthony Vignola and Robin Leiby also danced two tantalizing Argentine Tangos to
round out the evening’s show. 

In February, our show was performed by none other than Rhapsody's own
Kathryn Schaeffer and Christopher Skates along with their students, 
better known as the
ChrisKat Performance Team. Their team never ceases to amaze us with the intricate technique and choreography they display. 
Remember to always be sure and introduce yourself to any new dancers you see here at our dances. Let's show them just how welcoming and
friendly our chapter can be! You never know when a potential friend, dance partner or future chapter member may
be in our midst. 
And lastly, always keep this in mind: 
"To be able to dance is both a joy and a privilege. But to be able to dance among friends is truly a blessing!"