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                                   President’s Message                           


'Tis the season to keep on dancing!

Somehow we'll find the time between the holiday festivities and all the great movies coming up: The new James
Bond 007 on November 6th, and the new Star Wars on December 18....gee, can you tell I'm a HUGE fan of both??!! 
It sure is great to see
Mike Johnston feeling better and back in the ballroom, isn't it!!?? He was even feeling well
enough to compete with me at the Tropicana Dance Challenge on Sunday, October 25th! YAY!!!!

We had two Top-Notch USA Dances in September and October!  Both were well attended and entertaining. In
September, we were amazed once again by
Frank Sliwa and some of his students. He always has some creative
choreography which makes for exciting routines to watch! Thank you Frank, your showcases never disappoint! 
In October, we had the pleasure watching  the first time USA Dance Showcase at our chapter for
Charles Cook
C4 Dance Academy in Ocala. Charles and his students often visit us for our Wednesday night dances at
Rhapsody, but tonight we got to really enjoy his talents with one of his students and his professional partner,
Tina as well. Thank you, Charles for agreeing to do this wonderful showcase at the last minute!   
There will be quite a few exciting changes within our chapter starting in the New Year, so stay tuned. If
you would like to help out and volunteer for anything,
PLEASE be sure to ask a Board Member how you can help.
We love volunteers!

Be sure that you have picked up one pink and one green flyer at the front desk so that you are aware of the
USA Dance entrance fee and membership increase. We are offering some fabulous new member incentives
as well as renewal incentives so be sure to sign up now to take advantage of these great offers! 
Breaking News!                 
The December 9th USA Dance will be a covered dish affair to help us celebrate the Holiday season. So,
bring your yummiest food creation!  Good Food, Good Friends, and Good Dancing! What could be better?

A special 90th Birthday wish goes out to Elaine Derby on November 10th. She is one of our long standing
members at large in our Chapter!  Happy Birthday and many more, Elaine!
Lastly, I want to wish each and every one of you a very safe and Happy Holiday season! All the best to you and
your families in the upcoming New Year! 
Always keep this in mind:  "To be able to dance is both a joy and a privilege.  But, to be able to dance among
friends is truly a blessing!"