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                                   President’s Message                         


Summer is here and the time is right for dancin' in the .......................Rhapsody Ballroom!

School may be out for some, but remember that Rhapsody Ballroom offers some fantastic group classes and
social dances throughout the month. Just check out the schedule on the small white board at the front table to
see which dances will be featured in the classes. You'll find a nice variety of dances taught by very talented Instructors! 
Check it out sometime and join a class or two! There's no better way to practice the patterns you learn in the group
classes (or in your private lessons) than to come to the open social dances held every Wednesday and Friday nights. There
are social dances on some Saturday nights also. See the schedule for specific dates. Practice makes perfect! 

Be sure to always check out the flyers, newsletters and announcements on the front desk. It will keep you updated
on the latest dance happenings at Rhapsody Ballroom and with our USA Dance/Southern Star Chapter. 

We hope you are enjoying the themes we have been having for our monthly USA Dances. If you have any suggestions for
themes you'd like to see us have in the future, just let one of the Board Members know. Your ideas are always welcome! 
Be sure to wear your Patriotic colors of Red, White,and Blue for our July dance! 

I would like to personally thank all of our volunteers who help out each month and make our Southern Star Chapter
dances run so smoothly! There's no way I could do it without you all! Thank you to:  Mike, Peg, Elaine, Jackie, Hyeyong,
Stan, Nancy, Martha, Mandy, Tala, Lurlene, and Lelia!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And to Nikki and Jerry for the newsletter and website,
and to Richard and Laurie Collette for the use of Rhapsody Ballroom each month! 

Our Belle of the Ball project, headed up by Jackie Blount, has been quite successful! Nearly one hundred gowns have
been donated by our chapter as well as purses, jewelry and shoes. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Keep on collecting and bringing in
your donated items, as we will be collecting throughout the year for this very worthy cause! Please see Jackie or another
Board Member if you need more information. 

At the end of April I attended the annual District 9 Leadership Meeting, representing our Southern Star Chapter as
well as being there as President of our chapter. The meeting and Dance Spree was hosted by the Greater Daytona
Chapter at the Gold Star Ballroom in Daytona. We went over lots of National rules and regulations in my meeting. Our
chapter is on the right track with everything. YAY! I can tell you that our Chapter is very highly thought of, not only 
within District 9 here in Florida, but at the National level! Let's keep this positive trend going!!!!!!! 

During the Dance Spree, Mike and Peg Johnston and I joined three others to form a last minute "Team" and compete in
the Team Match along with five other teams that Friday evening. We had a lot of fun and.........................we ended
up winning the Team Match, complete with trophies and many compliments from others! WOO HOO! We also proudly
displayed our new USA Dance/Southern Star banner during the "Parade of Chapters!" The Dance Spree weekend is open
to all to join. There is an open social dance each of the evenings, and a full day of workshops on Saturday taught
by local Daytona Professionals. It is held every year in Daytona. Maybe you should come participate with us next year!!!!!!! 

As always, I'd like to leave you with my quote:  "To be able to dance is both a joy and a privilege. But, to be able to
dance among friends is truly a blessing!"